Once a file is saved on a computer, the data gets stored on the hard drive. The magnetic coating present on the hard drive is the kind of glue, which keeps the data stuck. Any damage caused to this magnetic coating results in data loss since every piece of coating has data stored in it. Therefore, a hard drive missing even a bit of that coating has a better chance of data recovery as against the hard drive which has huge amounts of that magnetic coating destroyed or removed.

Saving data from a failed hard drive

Saving data from a failed hard drive is considered as one of the most ordinary tasks which require you to spend your precious time on it. Although recovery of hard drive data is a cumbersome work, it is no longer an unfeasible undertaking. Hard drive has become an important part of our lives since it is used for storage of all digital data like videos, pictures, music etc in it. The results of the failure of these hard drives can be destructive. So, external hard drive data recovery is a major requirement for us to save ourselves from the destructive effects of the loss of important data like official documents, pictures, financial information etc.

Reasons of the failure of a hard drive

  • Because of the laxity of the user, hard drive falls from his or her hand. This results in physical damages to the hard drive.
  • Hard drive gets overheated because of the absence of the enough ventilation techniques.

These causes are some of the common faults, which make the work of hard drive data recovery more pertinent. When a hard drive is damaged, you should not hold the damaged devices for further damage since it is likely to result in the worsening of the system. A repair utility needs to be executed on the data of damaged drive since it might convert all the retrievable data into and irretrievable form. Hard drive data recovery is executable by using one of the data recovery tools like EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard, Data Clinic etc.

The function of data recovery tool involves the following functions:

  • Loss of data because of failed hard drive or virus attack is regarded as top priority conditions which require an apt attention. The different technicians figure out whether the drive is accessible by making use of the lab equipments. If the damaged disk is accessible, then an image of the data is copied to a new disk.
  • In case, the damaged disk is inaccessible, then the extent of the damage is ascertained.
  • The damaged or failed parts are replaceable by the new parts to carry out the process of recovery.
  • The sectors of low level data are analyzed by the technicians if there is the case of logical drive recovery.
  • At last, data files are extractable by simply de-stripping the servers which contain numerous drives.
  • Any available recovery data tool is usable by the people for recovery of their damaged disk drives. Since there are innumerous tool, recovery of corrupted or lost data is absolutely possible.

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